Elementally Green is getting rave reviews!


Cinder Ridge Farms

Well... just for fun, the other day I did a test on Elementally Greens Big Buds product/mix... this product is new to us here and I was curious... and I read on the bottle that you can use this product as a seed soak as well as a foliar and soil drench. So I did a little test, I soaked 4 beans just to see if it would help germination rates and make them faster. Usually it takes about 72 hours max to get a good enough tail to plant in soil...so I soaked 24 hours and planted directly into soil. After 48 hours, they were poking through the soil in their cups reaching for the light. Couldn’t believe how quick it was, truly the best product yet we’ve tested (as a seed and soak agent) so far!!! And this is much more than just a seed soak, full of enzymes and beneficial fungi and bacterias... unbelievable!!! Absolutely love this product and glad to have International Bio Solutions on board here at Cinder Ridge Farms! I recommend you all look into adding it your regiment. I can’t wait to test this full time come March 1st when we plan on getting things fired up and going for this season! Great product! Made in the USA...Check em out! 



I started using this product and am VERY impressed, I saw results within just a couple days! I think this company is on to something big!

Joe D.

Green Peppers

I used Drama Green on my pepper plants that were from the preceding year.  Not only did they come back but they were larger and more prolific than the year before.  They were also more disease and pest resistant then my newer plants.  Using Drama Green on my tomato plants has also drastically increased the number of tomatoes my plants produce!

Gayle C.
New Braunfels, TX

Oh how the bulbs LOVE Drama Green. I love bulbs. I used Drama Green to water the pot on the left and regular water in the pot on the right. Watch the difference in these two plants as they grow. The one on the left received regular watering. The one on the right got a watering with Drama Green.The difference will blow your mind! Take a few seconds to watch this video and see for yourself!

Jeni S.
San Antonio, TX

My soil was so hard I could I was almost unable to get my shovel in the ground as the soil was so compacted. I remembered that one of the uses of Drama Green was to soften the soil in record time! I got my bucket mixed as directed on the bottle and had my husband film this.  We were shocked and amazed at how fast it softened the soil and I was able to dig throw the tough Hill Country Grass so I could begin planting that area. In 15 minutes after applying Drama Green I was able to get the shovel in the ground and remove the chunk of grass and soil simply dropped off. I have been planting this area for 3 years now and the ground has remained soft and easy to plant in. Thank for such an amazing product which makes everything grow bigger, taller and stronger.​​​​

Gayle & Joseph Conklin
Boerne, Texas

Emilys Plants
Emily’s Plants
I was walking through my reception area of my office and noticed my two plants near the front window were very wilted and drooping. I remember I had a product called “Drama Green” that I had not had time to use. I watered both plants thoroughly. I was unaware they were blooming plants as I had never seen any flowers on them as long as I had them. In two days much to my amazement I walked in they were both on full bloom with 10 or more flowers each. They have continued to bloom, grown faster and look healthier - 7 years later I have the same plants. I water regularly and feed with “Drama Green” monthly.​​​​

Emily O.
San Antonio, TX

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I have been using Drama Green on my yard, garden and potted plants for several years. It was being sprayed and applied to all of my plants. I knew everything looked healthy but wasnʼt thinking about it when my new gardener came to me and asked what I had been doing different to my soil. He had worked in homes in my area and had not seen soil as healthy, soft and so full of earthworms as mine. I shared my secret with him and he was planning on applying Drama Green to his clientʼs yards. ​This product is amazing!

San Antonio, TX

drama green

Drama green was applied at the recommended rate in sod production fields that were suffering from drought stress during the summer of 2014. After 14 days I documented a significant improvement in over all turf health including improved color retention and stolon and rhizome growth in the treated areas of 419 Tiffway Bermuda grass. I have experimented with many microbial and soil improvement formulas in the last 30 years and I can confidently say that the results that Drama Green produced were very impressive.

Brian Smith
CPTM, Texas Turfgrass Assoc.

Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers.  I have always planted them and enjoyed them around my home and yard.  When I started using Drama Green my sunflowers  grew bigger than I knew possible!  Drama Green has made my sunflowers as big as dinner plates and when I cut them and put them in a vase they last for weeks.

Gayle C.
New Braunsfels, TX

Alyssas Garden

These are pictures from my yard. The Drama Green product has been in our family for almost 60 years. My Grandfather, Paul Carr, was founder of the original company. My Aunt Patsy has had me interested in gardening and using Drama Green on everything. I live in Dallas, Texas, and this was my garden in late October. I am amazed and grateful every day! 

Alyssa Trollinger

Cut roses last 3 weeks with Drama Green!
I added Drama Green to my Valentine’s Day roses and they lasted for three weeks! 

Natalie C.
Ruidoso, NM

weed plant 2
I wanted to let the producers of Drama Green know what a difference the product made to my cannabis growing.  I also live in New Mexico where I have a medical growing cannabis card. 

I was spending over $600 a month for my medical cannabis and I now spend less than $200!

I put the Drama Green as directed in my water, I also tested the product as I wanted to see if the claims were as incredible as they say, so I used the Drama Green on half of the crop and to my unbelievable eyes the difference was night and day, I have included a picture for proof.

At the same time, I used the Drama Green on my mother’s prized hibiscus plant over the winter the plants grew over 18 inches. (Incredible) and my 85-year-old mother was blown away.

I couldn’t believe that one gallon will last so long, a little Drama Green goes along way!

I’ll continue to buy know that my local Ace Hardware is carrying Drama Green

The first picture is with and without Drama Green wow night and day WOW
The second one is 120 days into growing season.

Thank you. Your biggest New Mexico fan!

Jess Radle
New Mexico

Front Yard before Drama Green
Front yard after Drama Green

Every year since I planted my Mexican Heather in front of my house I wait for the purple flowers to bloom with great anticipation.  I was blown away by how much they took off after using Drama Green, AND THEY KEEP LOOKING BETTER EVERY YEAR! Now I just water with Drama Green once a month.

Michelle P.
Bulverde, TX

Roswell Feed N Seed

We appreciate the opportunity to test and review your biological soil activator, Drama Green. We set up a germination experiment with three trays of Geranium seeds. We used Drama Green to presoak one tray of seeds, we soaked a second tray with a product called Mammoth and we left one tray un pre-treated. The results were surprising. The seeds pre-soaked with Drama Green not only sprouted about four days earlier than the other two trays, we estimate that the germination rate was about 30% greater than the other two. The maturation of the plants was also noticeably enhanced. We look forward to new products to test and review.

Keep up the good work

Jim Gill
Roswell Seed Company, Roswell NM

​Old  Testimonial’s from original Company    Stan-Flo Chemical Corp  

Letter written by Dairy Farmer, E.O. Tidwell in 1967

Mr. Troy D. Stiles                                             March 17,1961

Stan-Flo Chemical Corp.

4933 Terrace Trail 

Ft. Worth, Texas 

   It is cretainly a pleasure for me to wtite you a summary of results of your treatment of drinking water for my dairy herd.

   When Mr. Lewis began the service last Jan.13 I was getting an

average of 18 lbs. per day from 160 cows. They looked poor and hollowed eyed and acted sick.

   Production began to improve immediately in spite of bad weather and kept on improving steadily. We are now getting better than 27 lbs. daily average per cow and they are looking and acting 100% better. They are also eating 1/3 less grain and less

than half as much hay as before treatment.

   There is no question in my mind that it is your service that has made all the difference in my dairy farm operation, whatever the

trouble was, and I certainly would not be without it from now on.

                                                                   E. O. Tidwell

                                                                   Haslet, Tex.


Stan-Flo Chemical Corp.                                        April 18,1961

Monahans, Texas

Dear Sirs, 

 After checking over my fields treated with Stan-Flo Soil Conditioner Nov. 5,1961 I have noticed the following; better soil texture, it is looser and there is no cletting; there is much better decomposition and there are lots of small earthworms and feeder roots.

 On my alfalfa which was bailed today we have observed a 20% gain on a controlled test; 60 bales to 71 on 1 1/5 acres.

                                                                   Ramey & Ramey

                                                                   by Glenn Ramey

                                                                   Rowlett, Texas


bruce dern letter
Kermit 2

Blacks Nursery